Changes in dating over the last 30 years

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Every woman on the planet knows “The Game”, and has either developed game of her own, or dismissed game entirely on account of how stupid it is. Being a single woman is way more fun (and less stmatizing) than it used to be.

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"You can't think about that because it could make you crazy with insecurity and you need to come across as confident." All you can really do, says Steinberg, is to "keep yourself busy by enjoying the almost infinite number of ways you have an almost infinite number of women available to you." You stood a decent chance of winning over women with the mesmerizing lines and cunning “ques” you learned in a class taught by a guy with a smallish pony tail in the basement of a copy machine repair center. So fun." Women are better educated, more financially independent, and under far less pressure to get married by, like, 23.

Tips for <strong>Dating</strong> in Your 30s MyDomaine

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Jones says to just freaking own it -- and maybe consider not bothering to de-tag old pictures in the first place.

Tips for Dating in Your 30s MyDomaine

"Taking down an online dating profile does not an exclusive relationship make," says Steinberg. If your crazy ex- disagreed with you becoming exclusive with someone else, she could you repeatedly, but that was fine, because er ID didn’t even exist yet and you could just say it was your boss, or the President -- unless your giant answering machine picked up the , in which case you were kind of screwed.

Changes in dating over the last 30 years:

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